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Hazardous Area Cable Gland Selection

Cable and Cable gland selection for a particular installation are some of the most basic steps in ensuring the integrity of a hazardous area installation and if this task is not carried out accurately the whole installation may be rendered non compliant.

Cable Gland selection is set out clearly in Figure 2 below as set out in AS/NZS 2381.2:2006

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Other Measures and factors that must be considered are

  • Zone Classification ( i.e. Zones 0,1,2 or Zones 20,21,22 )
  • Increased Safety (Ex e)
  • Intrinsically Safe Circuits & equipment (Ex i)
  • Special Protection (Ex s)
  • Flameproof Enclosures (Ex d)
  • Encapsulation (Ex n)
  • Pressurized rooms and enclosures (Ex p)
  • Ventilation (Ex v)
  • Powder Filling (Ex q)
  • Oil immersion (Ex o)
  • IP Rating
  • Mixed Techniques (Ex edmq IP56 for example)

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