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Stainless Steel Marker Tag, Permanently Embossed

MOLEC Electrical Contractors offers one of the most reliable permanent identification solutions in the industry to enable, comprehensive identification throughout the physical infrastructure.

Ideal in harsh and industrial environments, the MOLEC Electrical Contractors permanent identification system delivers long-term durability and legibility for optimum identification of pipes, conduit, cables and equipment.

Safe, quick, and easy to install, the system includes stainless steel marker plates, tags, and ties engineered for maximum reliability, improved productivity and workplace safety to mitigate risk in the physical infrastructure.

MOLEC Electrical Contractors also offers a rapid response, factory custom marking service for embossed marker plates, tags, and ties to speed installation time, reduce labor costs and keep projects on schedule.

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Laser Printed Labels

MOLEC Electrical also offer the following laser printed labels

  • Laser Printed Traffolyte alternative
  • Wire Markers¬†
  • Wraparound Cable Identification Markers
  • Wire & Core laser printed¬†identification markers
  • Laser printed control station and push button marker labels
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