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Hazardous Area Electricians Melbourne

Hazardous Zone Electrical (UEENEEM001B, UEENEEM002B, UEENEEM004B, UEENEEM006B, UEENEEM009B, UEENEEM010B, UEENEEM011B and UEENEEM013B Accredited)

Many liquids, gasses and dusts which are generated, processed, handled and stored in industry are combustible and they may become explosive given the right conditions. If ignited they may burn rapidly and with considerable force.

Figure 1 below depicts the 'Infernal Triangle' which shows the three elements that must be present for a flame or explosion to take place.

hazardous area electricians Melbourne

Figure 1

The use of electrical equipment in Hazardous areas is necessary to facilitate various processes to take place in the form of hazardous areas classification & design depending on the need and outcome required in a manufacturing or other process.

As Hazardous Area Electricians Melbourne it is our role to ensure that all electrical equipment installed in Hazardous areas do not pose a source of Heat or ignition and Australian Standards require that all Melbourne hazardous area electrical works are supervised or carried out by suitably accredited personnel.

hazardous zone electrical Melbourne hazardous zone electrical Melbourne Melbourne hazardous area electricians

Hazardous Area Cable Gland Selection

Cable and Cable gland selection for a particular installation are some of the most basic steps in ensuring the integrity of a hazardous area installation and if this task is not carried out accurately the whole installation may be rendered non compliant.

Cable Gland selection is set out clearly in Figure 2 below as set out in AS/NZS 2381.2:2006

hazardous area electrical Melbourne

Figure 2

Other Measures and factors that must be considered are

  • Zone Classification ( i.e. Zones 0,1,2 or Zones 20,21,22 )
  • Increased Safety (Ex e)
  • Intrinsically Safe Circuits & equipment (Ex i)
  • Special Protection (Ex s)
  • Flameproof Enclosures (Ex d)
  • Encapsulation (Ex n)
  • Pressurized rooms and enclosures (Ex p)
  • Ventilation (Ex v)
  • Powder Filling (Ex q)
  • Oil immersion (Ex o)
  • IP Rating
  • Mixed Techniques (Ex edmq IP56 for example)
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MOLEC Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd can ensure that your installation is safe and compliant with both Australian Standards and local codes.

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