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Disaster Recovery Electrical System

Disaster Recovery is an important part of most plant operations which MOLEC Electrical Contractors specialise in.
Disaster recovery electrical systems are systems that will prevent a loss of power in the event of mains failure, These may consist of but not limited to Standby generator sets, UPS systems, purpose built switchboards containing change over mechanisms to specific design & battery banks to ensure system operation in the event of power failure.
These systems can also be designed to provide a cogeneration function to reduce maximum demand & provide heating and or cooling from the waste heat given off from the generator set or sets.
Recent Installation 
The project consisted of installation of Two 500KVA Cummins Diesel powered Generators, UPS Systems & a Switchboard that facilitated the interconnection of this equipment & Synchronization with Mains supply The Control switchboard that we installed included a maintained backup battery supply to ensure independent operation of crucial switches, circuit breakers & automated generator starting procedures & change over in the event of mains supply failure.
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Diesel Backup
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